animal panda

This work was initially made for "Práticas da Fotografia" at FBAUP 2010 - 2011. We had to make a portrait of someone and I decided to do some photos of Ana (graziasgraziasgrazias) wearing a panda mask. She did the mask though! After all it was "her" portrait ;). This was made on studio, with 6x6 film.


After we did this photo shoot we both had the feeling that the work could be developed further and we should do something more about it.

There was an upcoming event at TOCA (TOCA NO GALINHEIRO) and I had this idea that we should make a "family portrait" of whoever showed up on this event. It was perfect to be made at TOCA, because with the Panda faces we are showing ourselves as part of a group, and not as single individuals. I'm not, by any chance, saying that people should not be who they are, regardless of what group they are part of. But, in this case, we were trying to take a picture of an ideal, and not of a specific or defined human being.

So here comes the hard part of the work, making 50~ panda masks. Ana did them all.