Work made for "Práticas da Fotografia" at FBAUP 2010 / 2011. 

Everyone in the world has the right to tell their story, even those who, apparently, have nothing to say.


As the work was kindof simple, I thought that I should get it presented in a better way. I made a wooden logo with rests of chopped pieces and I made some fanzines that my colleagues could take for free as a reminder of my work and a symbol of "free-art-trading". 

Artists, specially the starting ones, shouldn't take themselves too serious, in my opinion. Trading art, giving art, receiving art, should be all done with the only goal of learning and sharing concepts. Ofcourse eventually you will need to make money... but there should be always space for free/low-cost trading of artworks and ideas.

Ah, yes, I almost forgot. I also did a hand-made booklet with photos taken at night, with flash. I might put some photos up later from the pages.