Fifth public opening of TOCA. Same room that I worked on TOCA ABERTA but now with different works. 

I will probably post some photos of the events later since I took a lot and they should be seen, deffinetly.


Installation I've made on TOCA's first public exhibition (TOCA ABERTA), on 16 february 2010. Initially it wasn't meant to be a performance but with the passing of the day we decided that throwing some paint over a lot of faces would actually be kind of fun. That's basically it. No hate or love for the person pictured, eventhough he is actually quite a funny guy. In a good way. I guess. 

Thank you to Ana and Dali (for their help) and everyone who participated.




First work I've made at FBAUP (2007). The theme of this work was "sound", or the lack of it, "silence". My initial idea was to paint this whole room (image below) with white, so that the only thing you could see and hear (minimal sounds) was the decaying structure of the building. Though, painting the whole place and cleaning it up would be a rather hard and expensive work.


Therefore I chose a smaller place where I could do a filmed performance. I used newspapers instead of paint, because they could achieve the same idea for a much smaller price - free (thank you Destak, Global and Metro).  Below there are some images of the result.

PS: Thank you Ana and Dali for the amazing help.

PS2: Video will be uploaded soon!



Later, the video was projected at FBAUP (images below).


First public opening of TOCA. This is the room I worked the most alone. I guess it was my first public exhibition. 

Though, I'd like to make it clear that opening and running TOCA was not an easy task. Everything that was on that house was because we put it there or fixed it somehow. What I mean is, since most of us are  aspiring artists, our main goal was to do something creative and productive for ourselves and the society we live on, but we had to work HARD just to get the space to be "walkable" for you (and ourselves).

Another room at TOCA aberta featuring works from different people : Myself, Ana, Dali and Gil Delindro.