The main idea is very simple.

The story is about the journey of an individual, in this case portrayed by a frog, who, certain day, is walking on the street when he is surprised by a needed choice of his own fate.

He is given three possible paths to choose: the going back path, the following his normal routine path and the risking and taking a walk on the unknown, looking for other dimensions, beings and conceptions of the world.

By choosing the unknown, the frog enters the main part of the narrative, some kind of a “epic journey” worth of a COMICs hero.

The unknown path (portrayed by the stairs) is a hard and windy path, and our hero, as he goes up, has visions (or hallucinations) about the meaning of life.

It’s almost as if this “going up the stairs” represents a spiritual and human ascension where the individual comprehends and experiences feelings and conceptions that until then, had never occurred.


Work by José Lucas and Ana Portela

Thank you to my sister Joana for helping and "lending the house".

You can check it here, on a dedicated site for this work :